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About Us

Established in year 2013, Vayamos is a free to use web service with the vision to become the largest social memory-bank for travelers all around the world to map, share and socially improve trips with extreme detail.

The original purpose of Vayamos is to help travelers plan and record one’s memorable trip to be told or shared with other people in a new interactive way. User-friendly function of the website allow users to easily create short “movie” to capture the all destinations you visit and the vehicles you use in animated line moving across the map with a soundtrack. In other words, you now have a creative and convenient tool to tell your own wonderful traveling stories to friends, family and travelers worldwide.

The most interesting part of mapping your trip on Vayamos is that you would have the chance to use all of your imagination to draw up your dream trip even when you never know about the routines before. Then, compare your blue-print to that of other travelers or with your real experience after completing the trip. Not only that, photo/video uploading function of the web allows you to mark unforgettable moments with meaningful captions. Additionally, Vayamos provide a comprehensive database of tourist destination around the world, currency converter, weather forecast and time difference calculation, etc.

Vayamos is not just your electronic travel diary, it is another level of traveling experience!