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Choosing to visit Asia means being prepared for a once in a lifetime experience. Asia is the continent that will make all your senses explode, so take a deep breath and make sure that you choose the right destination. Asia has so many things to offer, that choosing an exact destination is too difficult. From the picturesque, traditional farming villages in the crowded India and to the futuristic views in Tokyo, Asia is the land of contrasts, colors and good vibrations. Asia is a continent having three oceans as boundaries: the Arctic Ocean on the north, the Indian Ocean on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the east. 60% of the world’s population is hosted by Asia, with 4.3 billion inhabitants. These numbers make Asia the most populated continent on Earth, despite the fact that the continent covers just 8.7% of the planet’s surface.

Countries to visit

India is the country that hosts the Taj Mahal. India is considered to be the continent’s most enigmatic countries, a country that has dramatic landscapes and a country that hosts one of the world’s ancient cultures. What is amazing about India is the fact that its culture and traditions survived and they are still present in every aspect of an Indian’s life.

Thailand is the country considered to be the jewel of Southeast Asia. Thailand is famous for its hospitality, the long, delicate beaches, the breathtaking tropical landscapes and the crystal clear waters.

Myanmar is the Asia country that every person who loves nature should visit. Myanmar became famous for its untouched nature, the dense forests that are very rich in wildlife, the interesting culture and its underdeveloped coastal resorts that represent perfect holiday destinations for all those who want a simple, yet extremely relaxing holiday.

Japan is famous for its unique culture, its modernist cities and its traditional villages, the lavender farms, the cherry blossom festivals and its Mount Fuji.

Cities that deserve your attention

Kuala Lumpur is a top international tourist destination thanks to its culture that now mingles with the futuristic side of the city, the excellent cuisine and its customs.

Tokyo is a city that impresses with its Shinto shrines and the imposing skyscrapers, the busy people and the very hectic lifestyle of all its inhabitants.

Bangkok is one of the cities in Asia that deserve attention thanks to its exotic air, its temples and its simple inhabitants who divide their lives between the daily chores and the religious practices.

Other destinations

Mount Fuji- it is said that if you watch the sunrise on Mount Fuji and see the mountain’s top thanks to the clear sky, your life is going to be a wealthy and happy one.

Taj Mahal- this is one of India’s symbols and the most impressive mausoleum in the world. The palace was built by the order of Shah Jahan who wanted the marble masterpiece to honor the memory of his favorite wife.

Hakuba is one of the most attractive ski resorts in Asia. It is located in Japan, at a one hour drive away from Nagano and it represents a stunning Asian destination.

alphabetical list of countries in Asia

country population Area
Bangladesh 153,546,000 144,000.0
Brunei 381,000 5,770.0
Cambodia 14,241,000 181,040.0
China 1,330,044,000 9,596,960.0
Hong Kong 6,898,686 1,092.0
India 1,147,995,000 3,287,590.0
Indonesia 237,512,000 1,919,440.0
Japan 127,288,000 377,835.0
Laos 6,677,000 236,800.0
Malaysia 25,259,000 329,750.0
Maldives 379,000 300.0
Mongolia 2,996,000 1,565,000.0
Myanmar 47,758,000 678,500.0
Nepal 29,519,000 140,800.0
North Korea 22,912,177 120,540.0
Papua New Guinea 5,921,000 462,840.0
Philippines 92,681,000 300,000.0
Singapore 4,608,000 692.7
South Korea 48,422,644 98,480.0
Sri Lanka 21,128,000 65,610.0
Taiwan 22,894,384 35,980.0
Thailand 65,493,000 514,000.0
Vietnam 86,116,000 329,560.0