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Central America

While trying to find Central America and Caribbean on the map, the area is so tiny that it often happens not to see it at a first look. However, the diversity that this small area manages to offer is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter what tourists in Central America and Caribbean choose to visit and it doesn’t matter how long they choose to stay; they will surely fall in love with this part of the world and will enjoy the daily adventures. It is true that Central America is going to be challenging and bumpy, but it is also going to fulfilling and surprising. The beaches are covered with white sands and those who love scuba diving need to get prepared for beautiful coral reefs that are abundant in exotic wildlife. In addition to this, tourists can also enjoy the landscapes that the high mountain peaks offer them, as there are plenty of such peaks, covered by clouds. Those who want a lazy holiday can choose the backpacker villages along the beaches, while the more sophisticated tourists can opt for the colonial cities that host fascinating Spanish haciendas. Of course, the adventurous type of tourist can choose to go deep into the dense jungle, trying to find the way to the magical Mayan pyramids. From Guatemala to Nicaragua and from Belize to Panama, Central America is simply fascinating.

A country that deserves all the attention

Costa Rica is one of the Central American countries that tourists can’t miss. What is it so special about Costa Rica? Well, Costa Rica has pristine forests, cloud covered forests, remote indigenous communities that patiently wait for visitors and a very exotic wildlife. In addition to this, Costa Rica is the perfect place for rafting, as the Pacuare River seems to have been especially created for the sport. Those who want to visit a symbolic city can choose San Jose, which has a very diverse offer of restaurants that serve delicious, traditional food.

Other interesting things to do

Central America hosts numerous volcanoes. This is the reason why an itinerary that contains such key points should be followed. Tourists can start their adventure with the lush forests that cover Costa Rica and can continue with the cobbled streets of the beautiful Antigua. Then, tourists can choose to discover Copan, the place that hosts famous Mayan ruins. The Ometepe Island should be present on the list, as the volcanoes located around its area are fascinating. After travelling so much, tourists can choose to relax and enjoy the special atmosphere present in the air by stopping at Roatan, as its beaches are superb.

The Tortuguero National Park is also a must, especially for those who love nature. The green sea turtles find the perfect habitat in the National Park and they are great to be watched. What is important to know about these turtles is that they are an endangered species and the Tortuguero National Park represents the place where they find the perfect breeding ground. The Park also has mangroves and jungle packed with wildlife to offer to its visitors, so it surely represents a ‘’must do’’.

alphabetical list of countries in Central America

country population Area
Aruba 71,566 193.0
Bahamas 301,790 13,940.0
Barbados 281,000 431.0
Belize 301,000 22,966.0
British Virgin Islands 21,730 153.0
Cayman Islands 44,270 262.0
Costa Rica 4,191,000 51,100.0
Cuba 11,423,000 110,860.0
Dominica 72,000 754.0
Dominican Republic 9,507,000 48,730.0
Haiti 8,924,000 27,750.0
Honduras 7,639,000 112,090.0
Jamaica 2,801,000 10,991.0
Nicaragua 5,780,000 129,494.0
Panama 3,292,000 78,200.0
Puerto Rico 3,916,632 9,104.0
Saint Lucia 172,000 616.0
Trinidad and Tobago 1,047,000 5,128.0