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Europe is a continent extremely rich in sights and with an amazing history. A holiday of a couple of weeks in Europe is not going to be enough to discover at least a small part of all the wonders that it can offer to its tourists. The southern shores are covered with delicate sands and washed by crystal clear waters, while the northern parts offer the fascinating Northern Lights experience, which is worth living at least once in a lifetime. The countries have elements that make them different from one another: Great Britain is an impressive monarchy, France is famous for its wines, the cuisine and the unique Paris, Italy is famous for its ‘’dolce vita’’ style, while Germany is the serious country of the group. Of course, the list can continue, so let’s learn more about the most famous European countries.

The countries that deserve attention

Spain attracts visitors with its sparkling fiestas, the delicious traditional cuisine, the architecture of its cities (La Sagrada Familia is a spectacular Cathedral that shows how impressive the Spanish architecture is) and with its love for football (some of the best European football teams are from Spain).

Italy is special in every single aspect. While Paris is the city of love, Italy can be considered as being the country of love. Venice is not the only place where lovers can spend romantic days in Italy; the country is packed with lakes, vineyards and all sorts of other natural attractions that provide the perfect landscapes for romantic getaways.

Finland is one of the countries in the Northern part of the continent that deserve attention. Finland attracts with the fact that it is the nation having the biggest number of islands. No other nation in the world has more islands than Finland. In addition to this, every European knows that Finland is the country that hosts more trees than people. Its cities are also extremely attractive. Helsinki, for example, is a city with a splendid architecture and with excellent museums.

Cities that deserve attention

Athens is one of the most famous cities in Greece. Athens is the city that hosts the Acropolis, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Athens is also famous for being the city where Socrates put the basis of Western philosophy, the city where democracy came to life and the city where drama appeared and flourished.

Brussels is not a city that attracts only with its medieval center. Brussels is not only Belgium’s capital, but also one of the three capitals of the European Union. The Atomium is one of the city’s landmarks, together with the Manneken-Pis, the world famous statue of the ‘’Pissing Boy’’.

Istanbul is probably one of the most exotic cities of Europe. Its special attraction is represented by the fact that half of the city belongs to Europe, while the other half of the city belongs to Asia. The city is a very vibrant one and it is, as a whole, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Istanbul is very special and it definitely deserves attention.

alphabetical list of countries in Europe

country population Area
Austria 8,205,000 83,858.0
Belarus 9,685,000 207,600.0
Belgium 10,403,000 30,510.0
Bulgaria 7,262,000 110,910.0
Croatia 4,491,000 56,542.0
Cyprus 792,000 9,250.0
Czech Republic 10,220,000 78,866.0
Denmark 5,484,000 43,094.0
France 64,094,000 547,030.0
Germany 82,369,000 357,021.0
Greece 10,722,000 131,940.0
Hungary 9,930,000 93,030.0
Iceland 304,000 103,000.0
Ireland 4,156,000 70,280.0
Italy 58,145,000 301,230.0
Latvia 2,245,000 64,589.0
Lithuania 3,565,000 65,200.0
Luxembourg 486,000 2,586.0
Macedonia 2,061,000 25,333.0
Malta 403,000 316.0
Moldova 4,324,000 33,843.0
Monaco 32,000 2.0
Netherlands 16,645,000 41,526.0
Norway 4,644,000 324,220.0
Poland 38,500,000 312,685.0
Portugal 10,676,000 92,391.0
Romania 22,246,000 237,500.0
Russia 140,702,000 17,100,000.0
San Marino 29,000 61.2
Scotland 5,194,000 78,772
Slovakia 5,455,000 48,845.0
Slovenia 2,007,000 20,273.0
Spain 40,491,000 504,782.0
Sweden 9,045,000 449,964.0
Switzerland 7,581,000 41,290.0
Turkey 71,892,000 780,580.0
Ukraine 45,994,000 603,700.0
United Kingdom 60,943,000 244,820.0