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South America

South America is that special continent that can be considered as being the cherry on the top. Those who travel a lot around the world can’t really say that they’ve really travelled if they haven’t seen South America. The natural wonders of the continent are simply impressive, while the cultural heritage is unique. South America hosts exotic and very interesting ethnic groups that are going to put their marks on the soul of every traveller, so it is clear that the continent deserves all the attention it can get.

Countries that deserve attention

Peru is unique. Few countries around the world can be proud of being so varied as Peru is. The ancient cultures perfectly mingle here with the modern times, creating an original atmosphere that is going to win the heart of every tourist. The landscapes are extraordinary, while the cities are bustling. Peru has sun bathed beaches, lush, tropical jungle and mountains that hide the remains of its ancient inhabitants. Machu Pichu, for example, the old city of the Inca, is simply breathtaking.

Brazil is worth being visited for its spectacular Amazon, for the famous Copacabana beach, the bustling Rio de Janeiro and for the samba festival that takes place every year. This is one of the world’s biggest festivals, attracting millions of visitors from all the corners of the world with its colored costumes and the lively parades.

Bolivia is the type of South American country that should be visited by those who want to live a very special experience during their holiday. Bolivia offers snow covered peaks, but also blue lagoons packed with nicely colored flamingos, it offers colonial cities and a magic that no other country has. Those who want to go back to the roots, to the simple way of living the life should definitely consider visiting Bolivia.

The cities that can’t be missed

Quito is, without any doubts, a breathtaking tourist destination in South America. The whole city is declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the colonial city is a very well preserved one. The cobbled plazas represent one of the landmarks of the city, together with its cathedrals that are lavishly decorated.

Buenos Aires is special because, despite the fact that it is located in South America, the city has numerous European influences. This is the reason why the architecture of Buenos Aires is so special. There are plenty of things to do and see in Buenos Aires, but one thing is sure: the food is going to impress every tourist. The grill restaurants, called parrillas, can’t be missed.

Caracas is the South American city that offers tourists modern architecture and a cosmopolite atmosphere. While being in Caracas, tourists have to try the cable car ride, as the views are simply spectacular.

Rio de Janeiro is an inspiring city. Everywhere you look, you see simple people living their lives to the fullest, enjoying the samba dance and music and sharing their energy with everybody. Rio de Janeiro is simply fascinating during the annual samba festival.

alphabetical list of countries in South America

country population Area
Argentina 40,677,000 2,766,890.0
Bolivia 9,247,000 1,098,580.0
Brazil 191,908,000 8,511,965.0
Chile 16,432,000 756,950.0
Colombia 45,013,000 1,138,910.0
Ecuador 13,927,000 283,560.0
Guyana 770,000 214,970.0
Paraguay 6,831,000 406,750.0
Peru 29,041,000 1,285,220.0
Uruguay 3,477,000 176,220.0
Venezuela 26,414,000 912,050.0