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Algeria Information

Located in the scenic Mediterranean coast of North Africa, Algeria is a dynamic country filled with breathtaking natural wonders, a unique arts and culture scene, a rich and diverse cuisine, and ancient ruins. Algeria is the perfect travel destination for those who want to go beyond the normal tourist traps and explore more of the world.

A Historical Wonderland

Today’s modern Algeria has been the home of many ancient prehistoric cultures, including the Capsian and Aterian cultures. Algeria has also been part of the mightiest dynasties and empires in history, including the ancient Berber Numidians. Byzantines, the Carthaginians, Vandals, Romans, and the Turkish Ottomans.

Algeria’s glorious past exists side by side with its modern present through world-famous ruins such as the ancient Roman military colony of Tipaza, which is home to the remains of the Great Basilica, Roman baths and ampitheatres, and ancient mosaics. Timgad in the Aures Mountains is a Roman colonial town founded by the Emperor Trajan around AD 100. The Timgad ruins are of historical importance as it represents one of the best existing examples of Roman grid city planning.

Other historical sites in Algeria include the Tassili n’Ajjer (amazing prehistoric cave paintings), The M’Zab  Valley, the Great Mosque of Tiemcen, and Djemila. When in Algeria, make sure to check out the European-flavored sites such as Monument-des-Martyrs and the Santa Cruz Castle in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A Unique Blend of Cultures

Algeria is unique in the whole region because of its extraordinary blend of Arab, Berber, and French cultures. The art, music, and literature of Algeria remain vibrant over the centuries, and reflect the wonderful blend of perspectives unique to the country.

Algerian cuisine is rich and diverse, and combines the various cultural influences of the country in the most mouth-watering ways. When in Algeria, make sure to try couscous-based dishes, chorba, dolma, Merguez sausages, and their wide assortment of Tunisian- and French-inspired pastries and cakes.