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Brazil Information

Brazil is definitely one of the most captivating places in South America, thanks to the powder white sand beaches, the untouched rain forests and the busy city life found therein. There is a wide range of different attractions in Brazil, too, ranging from enchanting colonial towns and dramatic canyon landscapes to gorgeous tropical island and wild waterfalls. Aside from that, Brazil is also known to have a very diverse ecosystem that includes a ton of different animal and plant species - a collection unlike any other found on earth so far.

An Adventurous Experience

Brazil provides travelers with great adventures, regardless of how much money they have to spend on their trips. Horseback riding is available in the Pantanal and kayaking is available in the Amazon; while mountain climbing, snorkeling and whale watching are all part of the big Brazilian experience overall.

Even those who prefer to just relax and do nothing when on vacation will love the beaches, warm sands and national cocktails found in Brazil.

A Joyful Celebration

Brazil is also famous for its fun celebration, such as the Carnaval, which is celebrated by every city and town in the country. A carefree spirit, hip-shaking tunes, and dazzling costumes are all part of this celebration; but Brazilians hardly ever stop there. As long as there is music playing, their carefree spirits tend to appear through dancing, especially in Rio and in Salvador. There are also dance halls in the Northeast, carimbos in the Amazon, DJs in Sao Paulo and various other regional sounds that go all the way to the back countries of Brazil.

There is always something going on in Brazil that locals and travelers alike can never forget. Just check out the treasure trove of cultural and natural riches that can be found all over the country.