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Canada Information

Everything about Canada is gorgeous: its white mountains, its northern roadways, its fun festivals and its misty seascapes. In fact, everything is so gorgeous that some people tend to forget how cold it can get there sometimes.

An Awe-Inspiring Sight

Canada is the second biggest country on earth and it has a ton of different landscapes speed across its six timezones, ranging from spiky mountains to pristine beaches. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, Canada's coastline stretches incredibly far out, too. Canada also proves to be the perfect playground for all sorts of animals, including the ballerina-legged moose, grizzly bears, polar bears, and whales.

An Active and Cultural Smorgasbord

Regardless of what the season may be, Canada is full of great adventures. People can snowboard on Whistler's mountains, hike on the Newfoundland's Appalachian Trial, kayak in the South Nahanni River of the Northwest Territories or surf at Nova Scotia's swell. Those who prefer something tamer can take a walk at the seawall in Vancouver's Stanley Park, swim at the pink sand beaches of Prince Edward Island or ice skate at the Rideau Canal of Ottawa instead.

Culture abounds in Canada all year round, as well.

1 January, there is the icewine festival in Okanagan;
2 February, there is the winter carnival in Quebec City;
3 March, there is the powwow in Regina;
4 April, there is the snowboard and ski fest in Whistler;
5 May, there is the tulip fest in Ottawa;
6 June, there is the jazz fest in Montreal;
7 July, there is the stampede in Calgary;
8 August, there is the Acadian fest in New Brunsiwck;
9 September, there is the film fest in Toronto;
10 October, there is the Oktoberfest in Kitchner;
11 November, there is the Aboriginal Fest in Hamilton;
12 December, there is the winter festival in Niagara.