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Haiti Information

Visiting Haiti will prove to travelers that the country does deserve the title “Pearl of the Caribbean.” Its pristine beaches crowned with scenic mountains and lush greenery is just one of the many treasures of the country—it also boasts of other wonders that will leave even the most cynical people breathless. Haiti has a long history of tourism, but it still remains as one of the best Caribbean destinations at present.

Beach paradise

Beach bums and enthusiasts claim that Haiti is one of the most spectacular beach destinations in the world, and there is nothing in the country to prove this claim wrong. This Caribbean country has endless stretches of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, which are perfect for those who want to explore Haiti’s underwater gems or just have a relaxing day lying under the sun. Diving and swimming in the cool and clear waters is just one of the best things to do in Haiti, while drinking in the sights of the Jacmel black-sand beaches and the palm-lined avenues overlooking the sea are perfect for those who are looking for a romantic stroll.

Cocktail hour

Great rum has always been associated with the Caribbean, and Haiti proves to be one of the best destinations for the rum connoisseurs. The Barbancourt Rum Distillery is one of the best manufacturers of rum in the country, and this brewery happily accommodates visitors wanting to find out just how this wonderful beverage is made. Plus, there are free samples of their divine rum toward the end of the tour.

Historic, but modern

The Citadelle Laferriere is one of the famous historic sites in the country—an impregnable fortress built on top of a scenic mountain near Milot. Going all the way out to this ancient is totally worth the trip, but if you are looking for more modern comforts, the capital city Port-au-Prince is home to hotels and resorts that will indulge you in all the luxuries you associate with modern beach life.