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Kenya Information

The captivating country of Kenya is gorgeous diamond in the making. It still remains one of the less-developed countries in the world, but it’s slowly making itself known in the global arena, especially as a nature-centric destination.

The Rich Lands

Kenya is very blessed with natural resources, which its people have lovingly and amazingly preserved. With less than 520,000 square kilometers of land, it’s smaller than Central African Republic, Somalia, and Botswana; yet it’s surrounded by several bucolic mountains, bodies of water, and natural reserves.

The Nairobi National Park stands at an altitude of around 5,000 feet and is home to rhinoceroses, cheetahs, leopards, and crocodile hippos. The oldest sanctuary for the animals, the park also offers an idyllic backdrop of the metropolis’s urban skyline. Mount Kilimanjaro is a dream adventure for many, along with Hell’s Gate National Park and its spectacular gorges, nesting grounds for eagles, and hot springs. The reserves of Mombasa, Shimba Hills, Kisite, Watamu, and Arabuko speak volumes of Kenya’s magnificent natural treasures.

Adventures in Matatu

A real Kenyan adventure always includes a ride in the matatu, a daredevil on the road. Usually poorly maintained, driven on rough roads, this 14- to 25-seater semi-private vehicle is uncomfortable, fully packed, sweltering hot, and very risky—but then again, all of these give the ride so much character. Add to that are various colorful decors, which are common in Kenyan’s arts and culture.

In the Safari

The rich lands of Kenya have also been lifelong habitats of some of the wildest animal breeds from lions to tigers. And part of the experience is getting as close to them as possible. The Giraffe Manor features large windows where giraffes can literally pop their heads into while you’re having breakfast and tea. Many camping grounds and open spaces have been developed in certain national parks so you can get up close and personal with the African beasts.