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Mexico Information

Mexico’s natural beauty is one of the most unrivalled in the world, thanks to the great mishmash of ecosystems, from volcanoes, to glimmering caves, turquoise waters, captivating beaches, mystical rainforests, and stunning limestone wells. These are further complemented by its incredibly long, ancient history filled with vivid stories of the lives of pre-Hispanic tribes like the Aztecs. The country is history and nature all rolled into one.

Rare Mexico Finds

The rugged landscapes of the Copper Canyon and vertical walls of Canon del Sumidero in Chiapas are hard to pass by anyone who’s looking for a great sense of adventure. Even when you’re still onboard the vehicle, you can already catch a glimpse of the canyons’ full splendor. The caving systems in the country are just as enthralling like the Caves of Crystal Giants filled with massive glistening stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the hanging serpents found within a cave in the heart of one of Mexico’s rainforests. In the Ka’an Wetland Reserves are loggerhead turtles, finding their nests around the sandy banks of the beach. Around the areas are temporary homes made of thatched roofs for those who wish to spend the night.

Beach Beauty

Mexico is strategically located near the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Mexican Gulf; so it doesn’t come as a surprise anymore when beaches are extremely abundant. The resorts in Cancun spell luxury, while those in Tulum is refuge for the free-spirited young ones who adore the more laid-back bohemian lifestyle. The villages of Playa Ventanilla, powdery sands of Playa de Sabancuy, over-20-mile shoreline of Holbox Island, and the colonial Sisal are great choices for secluded beaches.

Mexico’s Impressive History and Heritage

Long before chocolates warmed the hearts of many, they were already prepared by the Aztecs. This is one of the many proofs of the thriving civilizations of the country long before the Spaniards came. Thankfully, much of its very old grandeur is preserved in Palenque, Teotihuacan, Uzmal, Chichen-Itza, and Oxaca’s central valleys. There are rock paintings in the range of San Francisco, Tequila’s ancient industrial sites, Popocatepetl’s monasteries, pyramids, more than 150 historical structures, and Meso-American towns.