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Norway Information

The Scandinavian region is well-known for contemporary art and design, but many shy away from this gorgeous region when it comes to planning their holidays. Norway is one of the best destinations of the region—boasting of a thousand and one things to do, see, and experience.

Get active!

Do not let the rural-scenery paintings of Norway fool you—this Scandinavian country is home to hundreds of adventures perfect for those who are seeking a more physical and active kind of holiday. The Preikestolen fjord—also known as the Pulpit Rock—is set high above the ground and offers spectacular views. You can go on a trek to climb this breathtaking summit, which is also one of the most popular natural attractions in the country.

Norway is a great place for hikers—the country boasts of an impressive network of trails that will amaze even the most jaded of hikers. Fascinating hiking destinations include Kristiansund, Alesund, Hardangerfjord, and Sunnhordland. Skiers will also have a wonderful time scaling the snow-covered slopes of Narvik, Tromso, the Sognefjord, and Lofoten.

Unique cultural experiences

The unique culture of the Norwegian indigenous people—the Sami (or more commonly, the Lapps)—will fascinate those who are looking for new artistic and cultural experiences. Karasjok is considered to be the hub of Sami culture, and visiting this destination will introduce you to the unique Sami food, music, art, and lifestyle.

Norway is also home to a good number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the picturesque Urnes Stave Church, the historically significant rock carvings in Alta, Finnmark, and the famed Roros, a former mining town where the glorious past and the wonderful present co-exist in harmony.

The Norwegian master Edvard Munch has fascinated art lovers for years, and the Munch Museum in Oslo is home to this famed expressionist’s works of art.