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Peru Information

Peru has received worldwide attention and fascination for being the home of the legendary Machu Picchu, considered by many as the most familiar and popular icon of the historic Inca civilization. But there is more to this charming South American country than the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site—there are thousands of lovely and breathtaking attractions in the Republic of Peru, and more fun activities that you can ever hope for.

Amazonian wonderland

Brazil might be the first destination that pops into one’s mind when talking about the rainforests of Amazon, but Peru also has a huge chunk of this natural wonder. In fact, the Amazon rainforests of Peru covers more than sixty percent of the country, making plenty of room for a very diverse and unique ecosystem. Biodiversity in Peru is one of the richest in the world, especially when one considers the unique topography of the country—a dazzling combination of the Andes, pristine rainforests, and the Pacific Ocean.

Unique landscapes and waterscapes

Aside from the Amazonian rainforests, make sure to head over to the Colca Canyon for a unique nature trip. This famed canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon and is home to the Andean Condor, one of the biggest birds in the whole world.

The Floating Islands in the Lake Titicaca is more than an adventure in nature—it is the home of the Peruvian aborigines, an ethnic group that could provide visitors a deeper perspective of the cultural diversity in the country.

When in Peru, you should not miss out on the Nazca Lines, a series of mysterious geoglyphs etched right onto the Nazca Desert Plains. The best way to see these mysterious figures is by air—there are plenty of air tours of the area, which you can book from the popular tourist destinations of Nazca, Ica, and Lima. Hop on to a small plane or a helicopter to see the Nazca Lines for yourself—and do not forget to take your camera with you!