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The Republic of Singapore is considered to be one of the most important melting pots of culture in the Southeast Asian region. This increasingly diverse (albeit young) country boasts of a good number of different cultures, religions, and languages despite its small size. Local culture is seamlessly interwoven with British colonial influences, as well as the culture of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian immigrants—making Singapore one of the best destinations for tourists of all ages and preferences in the region.

Great wonders in a small country

Singapore is perhaps the smallest country in the Southeast Asian region, but its relatively diminutive size did not stop the country from being one of the most exciting destinations in Asia. Singapore is mostly modern in terms of infrastructure and culture, but you are sure to find little pockets of interesting facets in every corner of the city-sized state.

Au naturel

Being one of the most modern and economically developed countries in Southeast Asia, many people believe that there is not much greenery to see in Singapore. The Botanic Gardens will prove you wrong—there are strips of pristine rainforest in these gardens. This attraction is also home to the National Orchid Garden, where visitors can marvel at the thousands of tropical and rare orchids.

Art in the city

The Ritz-Carlton in Singapore is one of the best places to see for art lovers—this hotel is home to an impressive art collection, with pieces from Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, David Hockney, and Rainer Gross.

Singapore has been promoted as a center for the culture and the arts for decades, with many art spaces, museums, and live music and dance performances available for the locals and tourists all year round.

Eat your heart out

Dining is an important pastime in Singapore, and the diversity of its cuisine will never fail to impress those who love variety. Chilli crab is a famous local dish—fresh crabs cooked in a thick chilli and tomato gravy, which would never fail to make diners sweat.

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