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Spain Information

The Kingdom of Spain is a country known for its fiery character, further highlighted by its easily recognizable red and yellow flag. Located in the Iberian Peninsula in the southwestern part of the European continent, Spain is perhaps one of the most famous destinations for people planning their Eureopean holidays. Spain is a multifaceted country that offers the best aspects of the region, from traditional arts and culture, exciting destinations, and a refreshing mixture of Continental and Mediterranean flavors.

Quintessential flavors

Tapas are perhaps the best known culinary icon of Spanish cuisine, and many Spaniards consider going for tapas as an integral part of their lives. Going for tapas is very different in Spain—you have to eat each lovely little morsel of food with one drink, and eat and drink each of them in a different bar. When you are in Spain and you wish to explore the delightful culinary landscape of the country, make sure to go for tapas, the Spanish way.

Madrid bullfights

Bullfighting is a Spanish cultural icon as well-known as tapas, and while there are plenty of animal rights activists that will protest such a spectacle, the Spaniards are not really uptight about the whole thing. They still love themselves a good bullfight, but the recent years have seen a decline in the “sport.” Still, Madrid is the best place to head to if you want to see a bullfight in person.

Sierra Nevada skiing

Spain is known for being one of the warmer European countries, but Malaga is still home to some of the most dazzling ski slopes in the continent. There are a good number of ski resorts on the slopes of the Sierra Neavada, where you can have all the snow you want to ski on and head on to the beach to enjoy the sun—all in the same day. The contrasting weather of the region—cold in one place and balmy in the other—is perhaps one of the most fascinating facets of the Sierra Nevada.