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United Kingdom Information

The United Kingdom—which includes Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland—is one of the best destinations in Europe. This kingdom is separated from the rest of Europe by bodies of water, and the geographical separation allowed the country to flourish with a unique and unparalleled culture. There are a million of things to do in the United Kingdom, other than posing for a picture outside the Buckingham Palace, made possible by the unique landscapes, long history, and unique culture of the kingdom. In fact, the United Kingdom is considered as a world cultural superpower—every traveler worth his or her salt should see this dazzling kingdom at least once in his or her life.

Get physical

If you are not in the mood to participate in sports, you can choose to be a spectator instead. The United Kingdom takes sports seriously, and there are a good number of interesting destinations and activities ideal for a sports fan. Each year, more than half a million tennis fans go all the way to Wimbledon to witness their favorites (also some of the biggest tennis superstars in the world) battle it out in the courts for the much-coveted championship. If you are a football fan, you can take a tour of your favorite club’s homecourt—Liverpool FC and Manchester United both offer tours and premier seats for sports fans. Rugby fans will enjoy Wales the most, since the Welsh are very passionate about the sport. Take a tour of the Millennium Stadium or the World Rugby Museum in Twickenham to indulge your passion for rugby.

History and culture

The kingdom is home to some of the most iconic historic landmarks in the entire European continent. Make sure to visit the numerous castles, royal palaces, and even the home of the great bard William Shakespeare. If you are a history buff, the United Kingdom will never disappoint you.