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Venezuela Information

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is located on the northern part of South America. The impressive biodiversity—ranging from the Andean mountains and vast expanses of plains and waters to the Amazon Basin—is just one of the reasons to visit this stunning country. The strong Spanish influence of the country’s long colonial history lends a unique flavor to Venezuela, especially when combined with the vibrant local culture.

Diverse nature

This South American country is located right on the Neotropic ecozone, which means that a large part of Venezuela is covered by forests of moist broadleaf. The country is considered to be high on the list of the world’s megadiverse country—the biodiversity in the country is one of the highest in the globe, and the range of breathtaking landscapes coupled with the stunning coasts reflect this fact perfectly. The Venezuelan fauna is very interesting too—manatees, Orinoco crocodiles, and river dolphins are species to watch out for. The bird life is magnificent—there are more than a thousand bird species that call Venezuela their home.

Heavenly sites

Venezuela is the home of the Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the whole world. The waterfall itself boasts of a height of nearly a kilometre and a stunning pool right at the bottom. Hop on a small plane or a helicopter to see the falls from the air—this view allows for sightings of beautiful double rainbows.

The highest and longest cable car in the world is also located in Venezuela. This unique attraction offers stunning views of the Pico Espejo. Alight from the cable car and go on a trek to explore more of these famed Venezuelan peak.

The Cordillera de Merida is home to year-round skiing, which is quite fascinating in the tropics. This majestic mountain range boasts of a permanent snowline, but the trails are more ideal for experienced skiers.