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List of things to do and things not to do in Argentina.

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    Phoebe Wu  |  5 years 4 month ago

    DON'T: Don't go into a bar snatched by people delivering flyers on discount. You may not be able to leave until paying a sumptuous amount of money

    DON'T: Don't travel alone as "express kidnapping" and distraction theft are prevalent

    DON'T: Don't hang out in poorly-lit area at night so that you do not bump into thieves and kidnappers

    DO: Rent a bike to ride along well-planed streets then feed the birds on the shore. Go around late afternoon for another breath-taking sunset view

    DO: Go to La Argentina restaurant for an authentic taste of Argentina. Get for any beef dishes and cheese.

    DO: Visit in August to attend its merry event of marathon competition. There are family activities and buffet. Plenty of prizes go to the participant and their families

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