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List of things to do and things not to do in Aruba.

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    AdriaToh  |  5 years 4 month ago

    DON'T: even bother with the Jeep tour. You can rent one and explore on your own with reasonable safety as the island is not so big

    DON'T: get carried away with the crystal clear beach since there are strong under current that can be dangerous

    DON'T: try to be cheeky when cursing in another language because most locals can speak 4 languages including Spanish and French

    DO: It would be a waste to not relax by the beach in Aruba with a cocktail on your hand and just soak up the sun and see beautiful Caribbean girls passing by

    DO: the beautiful Mediterranean beach is inviting to do all sort of water sports, especially diving and snorkeling

    DO: The party animals, Aruba is your heaven to party and get wasted. It is a must to go on the Bar hopping tours that take you to different bars and clubs in one night

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