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Austria - Dos and Donts Tips

List of things to do and things not to do in Austria.

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    Leo Q  |  5 years 4 month ago

    DON'T: German is the major language in Austria, so don't expect people to communicate with you in English. Try to learn some basic German, or don't go out without a local tour guide.

    DO: Austria is a birthplace of many famous musicians with various musical heritages, so when you are in Austria, especially cities like Salzburg or Vienna, attending concert or music festivals is highly recommended.

    DON'T: Vienna is a great city, but you should not stay there for more than 3 days, or you will not have time exploring more attractive destinations in Austria.

    DO: Tourists are recommended to visit Austria in winter season, when they can enjoy various exciting winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.

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