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List of things to do and things not to do in Bahamas.

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    AdriaToh  |  5 years 4 month ago

    DON'T: pay twice for the service as some hotels and restaurants already include the tax in the bill. Read your bill carefully, if tax is not added, 15% tips is the norm

    DON'T: trust any locals who try to sell you drugs saying that it is legal here. It is not and you may get serious trouble to be found posessing them

    DON'T: exchange your currency to the Bahamas dollar since it has equivalent value to the US Dollar which is widely accepted here

    DO: put your sunglasses on, apply plenty of sunscreen with a cocktail on your hand and then you can feel absolutely relaxed lazing on the beach of the Bahamas. It makes you feel like heaven

    DO: if you visit the Bahamas in the winter, you will definitely feel excited taking part in the Junkanoo night parde when locals put on elaborate costumes

    DO: try the delicious Fish Fry from the local vendors. They make on order fried fish and conch sald as well as many other Bahamian signature dishes

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