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List of things to do and things not to do in Bahrain.

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    hanna_ova  |  5 years 4 month ago

    DON'T: be lazy by the difficult road to see that tree of life. You will see the most spectacular sight of a big green tree in the middle of the dessert, about 500 years old

    DON'T: go on to a car or vehicles with someone you do not know. It is best to travel in group because there is apparent terrorism threat

    DON'T: If you receive a gift, it is not appropriate to open it right away.

    DO: visit all museums and heritage sites since Bahrain has been the central of Middle East for cultural heritage

    DO: go straight to the souk to look for spices and herbs and perfume. It is the most authentic Bahrain experience ever

    DO: Book your ticket to be part of the Bahrain Grand Prix even if you are not a fan of cars. It is the festivity that counts

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