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List of things to do and things not to do in Kuwait.

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    DON'T: Don't go by bus to this destination if you are short on time because bus will take you about 4-6 hours

    DON'T: Never talk about any ethic jokes. People here don't like it. In that case, you may turn out to be impolite

    DON'T: The meal here often lasts 2 hours. so Don't be impatient when people take a long time for their meals!

    DO: In Months with highest rainfall (from December to April) of just 160 mm, you even are free to make tours without caring about the heavy rain

    DO: In August, the rainfall is approximately zero, then it is quite dry. You will not have `to bring raincoat or umbrella, but skin moisture is, in that case, necessary.

    DO: The temperature is relatively high, at about 30 degree Celsius. Do remember to bring lots of your T-shirts and umbrella if you don't want to be sunburned!

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